To Hell in a Hand Basket

September 13, 2019

I'm just going to throw it out there, we had a rough couple weeks this summer. I'm not complaining, this is not a feel-sorry-for-me post, and there was definitely some good thrown into the bad. But let's recap:


To start it off, hubs bought a brand new side-by-side (fun!) and upon our maiden voyage, the thing blew an axle, popped a tire, and stranded us up a mountain. Thank GOD we have good friends who came to the rescue and after 6 hours we were able to limp her back down in the dark and the cold.



I had some health issues we'd been trying to sort out, so my doctor's appointment was next (honestly, going to write an entire separate post for this which I will link) where we learned I most likely had either a parasite or an autoimmune disease. My tests were expensive and there were days I refused to leave the house because I looked like a character out of a horror movie.


The next day, someone smashed my truck window and stole a bunch of our stuff out of the back. I am still picking glass out of the truck and I frequently dream about my favourite bag I will inevitably never see again.



Josh was running the dogs around the property two days later and Lucy came back with a gnarly gash in her back which required 5 stitches and antibiotics, as well as a massive shaved patch I am losing faith will ever look the same again...



The next morning? Hudson's nose started bleeding. Dog nose bleeds are rare and I'd never seen one before but we figured he was rough-housing too hard and ignored it. Over the course of the next week and a half, and 6 nose bleeds we became much more concerned. He had blood work done, which came back just fine, and we had to send him for a CT scan at the advice of our vets who were worried he had a brain tumour. $1500 and guess what? HE WAS FAKING IT. I mean, he obviously had a cut or something, but nothing to panic about.



At this point, Josh had gone back to work and had his wallet stolen with a bunch of cash in it.


This happened within the span of 2 weeks. We were getting kicked hard and questioning who we had pissed off in a past life. Now, why the hell am I telling you all this?


Look at what I posted to Instagram during that time:


Not one of those images screams "I am having a bad time"; in fact, across all my social media platforms the resounding message is basically "look at all this cool stuff".


This post is not to complain or compare hard times. This post is to remind you that it's all a highlight reel, baby. You cannot constantly consume everyone else's "look at all this cool stuff" and not start feeling like you don't have it all together or judge the photographs in front of you as being the whole scope of that person's life.


I desperately needed that reminder, and maybe you did, too.


Know what else happened in that time? We had lots of different friends visit, we spent days on the lake, we had family bbq's, had big work wins, and just grabbed hands and laughed at all the bad stuff going on around us. So as much as it's about not comparing your life to someone else's highlights, it's also about choosing to hang onto the good stuff and practice some hardcore gratitude - maybe you need that reminder.


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