Save the Paw-Paws!

February 6, 2019

As we all slowly turn to popsicles in this cold snap, I feel it is my duty as a former Fort Mac resident to share with you the very best products for keeping both you and your bubs from freezing.


Coconut Oil: The fixer of all things - your hands are dry? Snouts need some moisturizer that's safe to lick off? Hair is going nuts?




Paw Balm is key and though there are many, my absolute favourite is FOUstick Protect. I have yet to find it in town (let me know if you find some) but you can order it off Amazon. The reason I love this one so much is because it's stupid easy to apply and, therefore, quick. It's good year round to protect against hot pavement, ice and snow, and salt! This is important, especially if you're in town where people are using lots of salt because your bubs often end up licking their paws and the salt contains lots of chemicals you do not want them ingesting. The natural ingredients are great for moisturizing cracked pads and the protective layer it provides makes sure they won't stick to the ice!


Alternately, Musher's Secret is an incredible product, just a little messier (think Vaseline instead of chapstick). It's thicker and you get more of it as it comes in a tub rather than a stick. You should be able to find this one a bit more readily around town, but again can order it easily from Amazon.


This one is nice especially for preventing snowballs between paw pads. You can make your own or buy your own, but do make sure you're using something on those paws!














Coat/Sweater for your short haired, small, or wimpy dogs *coughcoughLucy* is such a funny concept since they already have a fur coat on, but keep those stinkers warm! Chilly Dogs are a Canadian company, so they get it. You can pick them up at TailBlazers (either KLO or Glenmore location). You can check out their website for other great products like head muffs, sweaters, and rain coats.

If you're not letting the cold weather slow you down, you might consider booties. Ruffwear makes, by far, the best set. You can pick them up at MEC or Pandosy Village Vet. They're on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for and they'll be worth it (promise).




And for you? Gotchu covered. This is the very first thing someone told me to buy when my skin starting looking like a snake in sub zero temps when I moved North. Vegatarian, not tested on animals... all good things and your skin will be so much happier. I keep mine in the shower and slather myself with it after a quick pat dry. You can usually find it right in the grocery store, and sometimes even Winners! Alba Botanica has a full line of hair and body care products and, although I've only ever used the body oil, I am so obsessed with it in the winter, I would suggest picking up anything in their line. 







And those hands? Yeah, look at them, you reptile! Bag Balm, baby. Thanks to my Dad for always having this in our house growing up, we know that tried, tested and true udder butter is the way to soothe those cracked, dry hands. Bonus? Also good for paws! You should be able to find it at most gardening stores, and I would actually check Buckerfields!


Stay warm, my friends!

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