An Open Letter to My First Love

September 26, 2018


Hi Buddy,


I just want to tell you how much I love you. You were never supposed to be mine. I didn't pick you, I wasn't ready for you, and HOLY you were a handful. But, somehow, you knew I've always needed you.


I needed you then, to find my way and navigate loss. I needed you when my heart was broken and it all seemed hopeless. I needed you in a new city, where I felt alone. I needed you to force me out of bed to go for walks, go explore, and breathe fresh air. 


You have sat with me crying, you have smiled alongside me, and followed me through every twist and turn life has brought us so far.


You found me when I needed you and you have continued to lead us into a great life. You even picked your own Dad, and a great one at that, who adopted us both and has loved us unconditionally since you forced him to play with you. You have made us friends, turned my passion into business, and given hope to others.


You are my protector, my shadow, and my biggest lesson. You have helped shape me into who I am.


Thank you for being patient with me, protecting babies and puppies always, chasing robbers out of our house, not dying despite being the most accident prone dog I have ever encountered, finding my soulmate, still wagging your tail after I've yelled at you, letting me cry into your fur, bringing me shoes when I get home, letting Lucy share the attention that used to be all yours, allowing strangers to pet you who seem to really need it, and for picking me.


I love you more than I thought possible. We couldn't imagine life without you.


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