Bad Dog Mom Day

March 5, 2018


How could anyone ever be mad at those cute faces? Ugh. I'm going to tell you about my day yesterday, because I think everyone needs a reminder every once in a while that we're all human and sometimes you just get a day that sucks.


I woke up at 7, after having slept only about 5 hours, to let the dogs out and give them their breakfast. I made coffee and crawled, sore and tired, back into my bed to drink my morning caffeine and relax with the pups. 


Lucy has decided she does not like birds. Magpies, I get, they're cruel creatures. But, chickadees? Really? The second a bird sings it's lovely morning song, Lucy jumps at the window barking her big girl bark and will. not. stop. until I go and grab her and make her lay down. The second she hears anything, really, with her big bat ears, it's the end of the world and my ears are bleeding.


Hudson likes to play the outside-inside game. You know the one: let me out *bark, bark, whine*, brr too cold, let me in *bark, bark, bark*, I'm bored, let me out... and on and on that goes.


I went to give them treats to lay on their beds and keep them entertained and Hudson got too excited and forgot to be gentle and nipped my finger. So, now I'm swearing and trying not to cry.


I was trying to study. I was trying to not disturb the neighbours with the decibel at which my dogs were yelling at the birds to get out of the neighbourhood, and trying not to disturb people in my house who were working.


So, I took them for a walk. It's a sled team day. We stop and start a million times and we aren't even to the end of the block. I wanted to pull my hair out. We got around the corner and wwwway down the road a man was walking his puppy. You know we have a routine for this: off the road, sit, treat, lay down, treats on treats, "stay" "it's ok" "here" "leave it" "good job". Before I even get to the lay down part, Hudson got too fired up, and had nowhere to direct his energy, and turned on Lucy. Lucky me. So, with I'm sure some horrified neighbours looking on, I pull my dogs off each other in the middle of the road and pin Hudson down. Lucy does laps around me with her ears pinned back when she thinks she's in trouble, so she's got her leash wrapped all the way around my legs. I almost started crying, but we cut our walk short and made it home.


More of the same insanity all day, plus add in the pitbull who wants to wrestle in my tiny office space.


Finally, I call our old roommates who have a massive backyard and love our dogs and my sanity. "Come on over" - #blessed.


I put leashes on the dogs to take them out to the car, and Lucy was crying and running circles and Hudson was pulling and barking. Hudson jumps in the SUV no problem, but Lucy (who has forgotten she can jump) slips as she is trying to scramble up. I catch her and help her in and get a noggin' to the chin. 


Tears. I closed the door to the car and walked away for a minute. Mommy needed a timeout. Tears streaming down my face I could feel the goose egg start to form. 


Once we got to the boys' house, the dogs ran and ran in the backyard, played fetch, and ultimately tired themselves out while I sat pouting inside watching Parks and Rec and eating their leftovers. Hudson and Lucy were great in the car the entire way home (which was a miracle) and fell asleep as soon as we walked in the door.


What's the point of this story? I didn't get anything done on my list yesterday, I threatened to lock the dogs outside forever (which we all know means, like, ten minutes), I think at one point I screamed out loud, I cried my eyes out, and I've got 2 injuries to show.


So, I hear you when you're frustrated with training, I hear you when you want to scream, I hear you. Call in your backup. Take the dog to daycare for the day. Don't pull your hair out. Remember we all have a day that sucks, but at the end of it, guess who snuggled up right next to me in bed?




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