Let Me Introduce Myself (again)

February 1, 2018


Guys, I just realized some of you don't know me. Which is actually kind of a cool realization, because now I get to do this for more than just my family and friends (hi family! hi friends!).


So, hi, hello, welcome. I'm Kelsey, nice to meet you!


You are all super used to seeing the furry faces of Hudson (left) and Lucy (right) because I use them as examples for basically everything and they get a camera shoved in their face every day, but I thought I should step out from behind my lense and let you get to know me too!


Writing introductions, turns out, are harder than I thought. How much do you want to know!? Forgive me as my brain jumps from one thought to another...


I love animals. Like, really love. As long as it isn't a spider, give it to me! I grew up riding horses, and being taught responsibility through taking care of nearly every type of rodent you could think of (even rats, which are rad, by the way). I had a sheep and chickens, too!


I love dogs, duh, that's where my heart is. I think you know that. I grew up with three of them (Shadow the little mutt, Copper the golden retriever, and Tia the malamute German shepherd cross) who put up with me and three younger sisters. Our parents raised us on property on Vancouver Island, and to this day the ocean makes my heart so happy it could burst. 



Hudson is my own first dog, and he's a hand-me-down! While living and working in Fort McMurray, a roommate brought him home from the SPCA because of his devilish good looks. Unfortunately, that dog lived up to the 'devil' part and had next to no manners. He was passed on to me, and I've put in a ton of work. He is one of the main reasons I do what I do with the Okanagan Pet Project. My little inspiration with behaviour problems. 

I went to photojournalism school in Victoria many moons ago, but still didn't know where I fit in in this artistic universe, until I started getting fired up about a lack of knowledge around dog training. I really just wanted to try and educate the people around me because I've come to realize most people just genuinely have no idea, it's rarely (if ever) spiteful behaviour from fellow owners. Plus, I wanted cute photos of my dogs to hang on my wall and post on Instagram.


Do I think I know it all? Absolutely not. Fun fact: I had never owned a leash before Hudson. We lived in the country, we didn't need them. So this is my way of learning and teaching at the same time. I'll do the dirty work so we can all reap the rewards, I don't mind. 


I am the girl who will read an email or a text and respond in my head, and then realize a couple days later that I actually didn't get back to you. I also have terrible self control around sweets.


This drives my hubby nuts. Lots of stuff I do drives him nuts, but he still loves me. We met a couple years ago through mutual friends - it was not love at first sight. He says he thought I was trying to act like a redneck to impress people (we met at a bonfire in the bush). Newsflash: I am a little bit of a redneck. His best friend convinced him to take me out, and that was that. So that's us. He's a welder in Alberta, so we are apart a lot. Another inspiration behind OKPP, because I get bored and lonely by myself! I know some of the wifeys in Kelowna feel me on that.


If you want to read all about why the OKPP exists, you can right here



What other fun facts can I throw at you?


I wish I could live off cinnamon buns, but I have a gluten intolerance (pffft, whatever).


I have 3 jobs. If you see me at any of them, don't be scared to say hi!


I can french braid my own hair, I think just growing up with 5 women in a house will give you this skill.


I have hands that people claim to be the smallest ever on a grown woman.


Oh yeah, I have a 21st birthday every year, so a lot of people don't actually know how old I am and I'll never tell (but it's older than you think).


I went to school in Switzerland.


I want to learn to cross stitch. I don't have time, but I think it's so cool. One of my sisters is a boss at this.


My drink of choice is a whiskey sour. Followed by good ol' vino.


My parents are relationship goals and human goals, you'd love them. 


I have a bunch of tattoos. Every one of them is important to me. They all mean something. I did get paw prints while drunk in Thailand... but if you don't partake in this tourist tradition, did you even go?


I have a little obsession with true crime. One of the many things the hubs despises. Sue me.

I also love hearing from anyone who's following along on this journey. I love questions, I love pet pictures, I love fun stories. I love just meeting you! So please, never hesitate to get in touch or say what's up!


So that's me, in a nutshell. If you need me, I'll just be here, back behind my lense.


Thank you, Ashley Godin, for the photos of me and the dogs!


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