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October 12, 2017

Firstly, let me apologize for my absence! Life got crazy (as it does) and then I ended up with a boat load of stitches in my leg and my hand glued shut. So, as you can imagine, I've been down and out for a little bit. Still not quite in hiking shape (sorry, doggos), but I've got some archives I dug into. Just because I'm currently on my couch, I don't want you to miss out on that good ol' Fall Okanagan hiking!


So, let's go to the Trestles! The far side away from the tourists, specifically. I should mention, if you want to go walk the proper trestles (with rad caves through the mountain), you can totally take your dogs up that way too - generally, I just find it much busier and so that's a leash your dog area; whereas, the further side is a lot dog friendlier in terms of off leash.


Important Information: This is a dirt road up a mountain. If you don't have a vehicle that can handle it, don't push it. Once the snow falls, it's pretty off limits. And there are wild animals up there, so make sure you've got some gear with you, and better yet, a hiking buddy besides your dog. Take a leash, not only for cyclists and wildlife, but there are train trestles quite high up, and if your pup isn't very sure footed, you'll want them sticking with you. 




Take KLO all the way down past McCulloch Station Pub and continue right onto McCulloch Rd.

You'll come to a 4 way stop where you're turning right again and continuing on McCulloch


Turn right on June Springs Rd. and follow it aaaaaall the way up.


You'll know when you're there, there are signs, and you can't actually go much further. Turn left into the Ruth Station  Parking lot of the Myra Canyon Trestles.


You can then continue to the left along the Myra Canyon Trestles, or you can turn back and walk to the right down the Kettle Valley Rail Trail towards Penticton. 


The Low Down: To the right, down the KVT, there is really only one large trestle at the very end called the Bellevue Trestle. It's about 8.5 kms from the parking lot. It is mostly just a big trail, which I love for letting the dogs rip. You do need to be aware of vehicles, because people will drive down this way. Not often, but it's a good wide trail for a truck hike. I've run into elk and other wildlife up here, too, so know there is big stuff around. Like any other time you're heading into the woods, take a pal and some bear spray.


To the left, you'll find more trestles and some cool history about the Kettle Valley Railway. That being said, there are lots more people this way as it is a more known trail. Ruth Station to Myra Station on the far end is about 11 kms, with 7 trestles and 2 tunnels along the way!


Either direction, you can't go wrong. This is a nice flat hike and you can basically choose your own turn-around point, going as far as you feel like!


When I first moved to Kelowna, this was one of my favourite spots (and one of the only ones I knew) so Hudson was up here almost every day. Myra Canyon (officially Myra Bellevue Provincial Park) has tons of trails throughout that you can explore, and I'll let you in on some good ones through this series.


Happy exploring!


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