A Damn Good Birthday Week

September 18, 2017


This post is extra special. 


My girlfriend, Rebecca (Hunter and Whiskey's mom), called me a couple weeks ago after hearing about another German Shepherd needing a new home. We both, having two big dogs already, knew our hubby's wouldn't let us bring home a third. "But," she said, "I can't leave him, we have to find him the perfect place." Challenge accepted.


Turbo has an interesting story. His original owner lost her husband and thought getting a big dog to take care of would act as a sort of therapy dog. Turbo (originally Tonto) grew incredibly depressed in her care. He wouldn't eat much, if at all, didn't play with other dogs if he was around them ever, and we don't think he actually got out of the house much. 


Rebecca agreed to take him on as a foster until we could find him a suitable home, and he was with her and the hounds within 2 days. We were obsessed with him and wouldn't let him go to just anyone. 


I then remembered my good friend, Brit, had recently texted me that she was getting an older GSD pup from a breeder in the next month. 'What's one more' I thought, texting her photos of Turbo. 


Brit and I had lived in Fort McMurray together. She helped me train Hudson when he was brand new and very bratty. We had plans to open a dog kennel there, before realizing maybe it wasn't where we wanted to settle down. She'd gone on to work for dog walking and training companies and I knew if anyone was going to take this amazing dog besides me or Rebecca, it needed to be someone like my B. Brit and James recently purchased acreage and have another dog, a black lab named Winston. They're perfect.


"OBSESSED," she texted back, "how much?" "Free, you just have to come get him," I replied. Brit and James were here this past weekend, only 10 days after we got Turbo.


We put a big, red bow on him for his special meeting with his new Mom and Dad; it's Brit's birthday week, so I told her he was her present from me. 


Turbo has come out of his shell in the days he spent with Rebecca in ways we couldn't imagine. He carries his favourite toy around and even plays with her two dogs. We took him on a big off leash hike with my crew, and though he didn't adventure quite as much as the others, he thought about it. He looked as though he was learning to run for the first time in a long time. Brit and James have planned a Jasper vacation in a couple weeks to take the dogs on hikes and bond as a family, so there will be plenty more learning for our big guy. 


Congratulations to both Brit and James and our Turbo. We are all so beyond excited to see him off to live his best life in Alberta!


EDIT: You can now follow Turbo's adventures on instagram @turbo_the_gsd



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