Rebecca x Hunter + Whiskey

September 14, 2017


Hunter & Whiskey kind of fell into Rebecca’s lap. She had been trying to find rescue Ridgebacks for ages and kept running into walls. The local rescue had taken on a litter of puppies with parvovirus, the puppy killer. After hearing about this, from her hairdresser of all places, she looked into it and found she matched all the requirements for fostering the sick pups. She had Whiskey within three days. A few weeks later, Hunter joined the gang. Rebecca and her husband signed adoption papers for both four days after that. "I knew adopting littermates was the number one 'DO NOT' rule, but I couldn't give either of them up, I was so in love."


Whiskey is easy. She does her own thing, but comes straight for her cuddles once the sun sinks down. Hunter is the opposite. He never leaves her side and gets jealous easily (even of her husband). They are both 1-year-old Redbone Coonhound crosses.

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