Hi, I'm Kelsey

the fur covered, daydreamin' dog mom behind this project

water baby

caffeine addict

always cold

I didn’t know when I was given a big, handsome, and terribly stubborn, untrained dog that our journey together would end us up here – meeting loads of fellow dog lovers, inspiring and educating others through our [mis]adventures, and getting the privilege to showcase the love between other people and their pets.


Hi, I’m Kelsey, and I am so glad you’re here! This is my passion project; a marriage between my love of photography and frustrations in dog training. My "little" idea now brags a published bi-weekly column, hundreds of followers and readers, I've been privileged in helping a few dogs find their new homes, and my photography is displayed in people’s homes all over the Okanagan!


As the oldest of four girls, I was given the roles of cheerleader and guinea pig early on – which is how I like to think of myself here - I'll cheer for you louder than anyone, and I'll make the mistakes! You'll often hear me saying “I’ll do the dirty work..." and simply put, y'all I hope you're learning from my missteps and mistakes. If you have a question, I usually have the answer (or I can help you find it).


I am easily distracted by all animals and will probably cry over your puppy... I love being referred to as ‘the crazy dog lady’, because, damn, has that ever become true. I love advocating for the pet community in the Okanagan [and everywhere] to grow stronger together, be patient with each other, and to realize we really are all in this together!


So if a strange girl with long hair, wearing a baseball hat comes running towards you and whatever creature you have – that’s probably me. Otherwise, you can find me sandwiched between my two pups downing coffee, gushing over rescue dogs, and hustling around Kelowna (now Calgary) trying to keep my head on straight.


If you learn one thing being here, or think ‘OHMYGOSH I thought I was the only one’; are encouraged, inspired, or just get a kick out of laughing at me being trampled by dogs all day – I’ll have done what I set out to do.  


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